Bye Bye Stuff.

The easiest way to sell stuff

Bye Bye Stuff.

The easiest way to sell stuff

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Tell us about your stuff

Our professional team picks it up

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  • Easy and hassle-free
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Professional staff
  • Maximize the value of your stuff
  • We do the work, you get paid
  • Easy and hassle-free
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Professional staff
  • Maximize the value of your stuff
  • We do the work, you get paid






What is StuffHopper?
StuffHopper is an easy, hassle-free service that manages the sale of your unwanted stuff for you. We do the work, and you get paid.
So, it’s like Craigslist, right?
Nope, StuffHopper is a full service professional company that sells your unwanted stuff on your behalf- leaving you free to do other things. Craigslist is a sometimes scary online bulletin board where people sometimes try to sell stuff and other times make new friends.
How does it work?
First you tell us a little bit about your stuff. We then schedule a time that is convenient for you to have our crew to come to and pick up your stuff. Once we have it, we sell it for you. We are experts at selling stuff so we know just how to get top dollar for you. Once we sell it, we pay you, keeping our share as compensation for our work.
What kinds of stuff can you sell?
We specialize in helping people turn all types of household items into cash:

  • Furniture in good condition
  • Appliances
  • Tools
  • Household goods
  • Electronics
  • Just about anything you can think of, contact us if you're not sure.
Unfortunately, at this time we can’t accept mattresses, credenzas/china cabinets, pianos, damaged furniture or items with missing pieces out of date electronics (unless vintage) or items in poor or unsellable condition.
Is there a minimum amount of stuff that you will come pick up?
We will send a crew out to your home or office if you have stuff to sell worth at least $100 altogether and if you are in our service area.
What if you can’t sell my stuff?
We have 60 days from when we pick your stuff up to sell it. This time allows us to get top dollar for you. If your stuff doesn’t sell in 60 days, we can either donate it to charity (providing you a tax deduction) or you can have it back. There are no costs to you if your stuff is not sold.
How much does StuffHopper Cost?
We only get paid when you get paid.

There is no up-front cost for using StuffHopper. We make money by charging a ‘selling management fee’ that is calculated based upon the net revenue generated from selling items. The StuffHopper selling management fee is 50% of the net revenue generated from selling each item. Net revenue is selling revenue received minus 3rd party transaction and selling costs. It is the revenue available to be distributed to the owner of the item upon an item’s sale. There is no fee if we are unable to sell an item.

Selling management fees are calculated on a per item basis and are subject to the following “fee minimums” based upon item size:

  • Small item (a child could carry it)- minimum selling management fee is $7.50.
  • Medium item (a single adult can carry it)- minimum selling fee is $15
  • Large item (two adults required to carry it)- minimum selling fee is $40
  • Very large item (requires more than two adults to safely carry it)- minimum selling fee is determined on a case by case basis, agreed in advance.
Why should I try StuffHopper?
Getting rid of unwanted stuff is a massive pain… especially if you want earn money from it. StuffHopper makes it as easy as clicking a button to turn your unwanted stuff into cash. And, with one click or call, your stuff is gone. What could be better than that?
This is great, you’re going to come pick up all my junk and sell it! Right?
Well… we’re StuffHopper, not GotJunk. We make it easy for you to sell unwanted items. While we do our best to let you know in advance what we will be able to help you with, sometimes we have to turn down things once we see them in person. If we can’t help you sell a particular item or items, we will gladly offer suggestions for low cost/no cost ways to dispose of them.
Can I set a minimum price that I want?
We frequently seek your input on pricing, but at the end of the day, the market determines what your stuff is worth. We make it effortless for you to bring your unwanted items to market effectively, but we can’t control what people are willing to pay for them. We do our very best to obtain the highest possible selling prices, but we can’t guarantee any price will be attained. If you have a hard floor of what you need to receive for your unwanted items, StuffHopper may not be the best business partner to assist you.
What if my stuff is broken or damaged, can you still sell it?
We can only pick up items that are complete and are in good, working condition. If we later determine that an item doesn’t work properly, is broken or is missing parts, it will be marketed and sold as such. This can have a dramatic impact on prices obtained. So, to get top dollar for your unwanted stuff, make sure it is in complete and in good working order!
When can you come pick up my stuff?
We book appointments on a first come, first served basis. Generally, we do pick-ups during regular business hours during the week. However, we can do evening and weekend pick up under certain circumstances. If you need a special pick up time, let us know on your request form.
What if I have a really big or unusual item?
Ask us! We have had great success with unusual items. If things are really big (like a pool table) we may need to make special pick up arrangements in advance.
What's the strangest thing StuffHopper has helped sell?
We haven’t found it yet! We’ve helped sell everything from antique plane propellers to pinball machines to 18th century collectables to high end electronics. That’s why we’re called StuffHopper- because we specialize in "stuff"!
Where is StuffHopper available?
Currently, StuffHopper only serves Seattle and the surrounding metropolitan area.
What's with the Kangaroo?
We hop on in, take the stuff you don’t want, and hop out to sell it. Plus, we like Kangaroos.
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